PARIZ arrived at LONDON

LONDON´S PLACE TO BE with new high-end sound system

The Steel Yard in the heart of London is one of Europe´s real hotspots for clubbing. Its 10,000sq ft unique place on London’s clubbing scene got a brand new high-end 240.000 watts sound system. With this amazing power and sound experience, the Steel Yard club is on a leading position in the World. Whenever you visit London, the Steel Yard is highly addictive and offers the freshest sounds by top DJs, performers and live acts with the most passionate crowds. Steel Yard will be your new favourite venue which visitors from all over the World are about to discover.

The leading manufacturer NOVA ( from Germany developed a high-end sound system, which is based on carbon membranes for highest sound clarity even at very loud events. When developing the PARIZ sound system, NOVA´s engineers have created not only a new loudspeaker system. Hand in hand with world´s leading suppliers and international top specialists, they engineered an integrated sound reinforcement system, which is much more than just a combination of components. Every single part was selected and tuned to each other like perfectly interlocking gears. The new PARIZ sound system was constructed for maximum of performance and sonic clarity. World´s leading DJs and sound designers will find a new hotspot in Europe´s nightlife industry, enjoying party and high-end sound at London´s finest dancefloor.

 System details:
– 18 x P9 line array module
– 16 x P18LEX subwoofer
– Powered by 12 amplifier channels
– Total amplifier power: 240.000 W
– Full-FIR DSP controlled 12 channel digital speaker Management
– High-End DANTE Digital Networked Audio