Seinäjoki- sali is a famous local music and congress venue  praised for its good acoustics. When it came time to renew AV-systems, our partner Lyreco turned to us to provide main speaker system.

During early stages on planning it became clear that we were going to use the Pariz systems as it must serve all kinds of music styles from classical to rock and all between. The schedule on the project was very thigh but Nova provided us the speaker system very quickly. When it came time to install the system we were  amazed how easy it was to rig. One man did it. Slowest thing was to climb upstairs were the controller of the chain hoists was.

The sound on the system is absolutely brilliant.  New FIR presets are fantastic! Only minor corrections on the EQ was needed to compensate the room acoustics. The system performed almost identically as modeled in EASE Focus. I would describe the sound warm and natural and still clear and focused.

What comes to power, the system is more than enough. Two TX20DF amplifiers provide tremendous headroom. Twelve P9’s were needed to cover the audience area evenly and two P18LEX Subs were enough to provide the needed low end to venue of this size.

We also provided six KD12 stage monitors to complement the system.

 The system consists of:

 12 pcs P9

2 pcs P18LEX subwoofers

1 pcs PSR 40.8 amplifier rack

6 pcs KD12 monitors

All necessary Hardware.

thank you to ANTTI!